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Recently, Anak Jajan posted about aTavola, I'm very curious about them. So i went to aTavola as fast as i can. I made RSVP first and I arrived 20 minutes late. When i came in, there were two customers, me and R and a group of teenager. A friendly waiter came to us and hand me and R the menu. 

Because me and R were starving at that time, we decided to eat Tagliatelle al Salmone and Risotto ai spinach. They were giving us bread stick with pesto sauce for complimentary when we waited. Honestly, that was my first time ate pesto sauce and i don't like it at all. It tasted like grass. Hahaha.....

Our pasta and risotto arrived after 15 minutes waiting. I was very surprised with their service, they are so friendly, polite and throw a lot of smile. It was perfect! 

Ta..... Da.........  

 Risotto Ai Spinach - Rp 60.000,- 

Tagliatelle al Salmone - Rp. 55.000,-

R had Risotto Ai Spinach, it was tasty and yummy. It blended very well between the spinach, cream, cheese and chicken. I was jealous of Robby's dish because it was better than mine. But it's ok since he gave his last bite to me... Haha... How about my Tagliatelle al Salmone? Don't ask... I was good too. The salmon was perfectly cooked. I was surprised because they put japanese cucumber in it. The cream was good but i felt something was missing in that dish but i don't know what it this. The fettucini was completely flaccid but i wasn't mind. 

Red Velvet - Rp 38.000,-

And last but not least, Red Velvet!!! R very curious about this one but I was a little skeptical when ordering this because I was afraid can not finish this cake. In my opinion, this is the biggest red velvet piece that i ever had, cake and cream were great and i like the idea put a sprinkling of nuts in the middle of the cake. 

In conclusion, me and R had a lot of fun even though their (a group of teenager) voice were bugging us. We will be back to try another menu and I want to try their tiramisu

For Rating :
Food : 7,9/10
Ambiance : 8,5/10 
Service : 8,5/10
Spend : 150.000,- /person
aTavola (@AtavolaKemang )
Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya no.125 
Jakarta Selatan 
Rsvp. 02171793580
With Love,
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  1. Hmm the risotto with spinach looks sooo tempting!

  2. wuih udah nyobain aTavola ya, risottonya kayaknya menarik

    1. udah :p deket rumah soalnya... Hahaha yuk mari cobain anak jajan... enak :p

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