Aurora Mansion

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Aurora Mansion, it's a quite lovely place in the middle of Sentul City. You won't believe when you see this restaurant. Beautiful place, architecture and really nice view. It's located inside of the sentul city cluster and the owner said, her house is in the highest hill in Sentul City. I bet you all will be shimmy when you see this place #ifyoudontitsokayforme. 

Service was nice, humble, and the waiters was very informative in terms of their favorite dishes, ambiance was amazing for me, modern classic European. They don't have a lot of option in the menu, but i don't mind at all because they served delicious food for us.
This is the Food that we ordered


Iga Bakar - Rp 100.000,-
This was amazing, because the portion was huge. There were a lot of meat wrapping the ribs. It was very tender, not hard to chewed, marinated very well and they gave me 3 different sauce. Olive oil sauce was my favorite because it balance the dish with very well with sweetness and juicy from the ribs and sour from the olive oil. It was so funny when  I chose this dish, because people behind me was eating this ribs, when the waiters came my mom and my brother asked her, what is that meal? Which one in the menu? and I said, wow that one very huge and i want that one. Haha, sadly my brother wanted that ribs also, but he changed his mind when he knew i ordered the ribs. 

Salmon Steak- Rp 120.000,-
Salmon steak with house salad and french fries, they gave mushroom sauce on the top of the salmon. All that i can say about this salmon, it was to fishy for me but it cooked perfectly. Juicy and not dried at all. Salad was very fresh and crunchy. 

Spaghetti Bolognese  Steak- Rp 60.000,-
The spaghetti itself was al dante. Based on my research in the internet al dante describe pasta that are cooked to be firm to the bite, al dente means literally ‘to the tooth’, which suggests not stiff, not soft, but pliable and cooked through, with no chalky core at the center. Okay, they give a lot sauce and generous ground beef inside the sauce. The taste was okay it's a standard spaghetti bolognese for me nothing special. 

For the drink we order, Shirley Temple, Lychee Aurora and Ice Chocolate. They drink was okay, but the drink that catch me was the Lychee Aurora it reminded me of Lychee juice from The Cafe in Mulia Hotel. It quite similar, in The Cafe they blender the lychee and put some yakult in that. But in aurora I believe they added milk in it, but both was yummy and make me happy.    

Shirley Temple - Rp 35.000,-

Ice Chocolate - Rp 40.000,-

Lychee Aurora - Rp 50.000,-
I love this food journey to Aurora Mansion, not only they have beautiful view and cozy ambiance and they have great and tasty food.. 

For Rating:
Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 9/10 
Service: 8/10

Aurora Mansion  
Jl. Bukit Permata No. 58
Northridge Golf - Sentul City

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    Tempatnya bagus banget, penyajian makanannya juga oke. Cuma lokasi dan harganya. :p

    1. Iya lokasinya memang lemayan jauh... Harganya untuk resto di sentul memang mahal kalo menurutku...


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