Golden Egg Tart Bakery

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First time i ate egg tart when i went to Singapore and i have been craving egg tart since then. I went to Gandaria city with R yesterday and after we had watched batman, we went to Golden egg to buy an egg tart. Talk about batman, Have you guys watch it? It took 3 hours to watch it my thighs was tingling when i watched it... Back to Egg tart, Golden Egg has many flavor of egg tart but i bought their signature egg tart, Portuguese Egg Tart. 

Portuguese Egg Tart - Rp 6.600,-

In my opinion, i love their Portuguese egg tart, it was good. Especially the outside layer, crunchy and sweet. Inside, really soft and moist but i think it less sweet.So, they should give more sugar in it . In conclusion if i go to Gandaria city again i will buy a lot of Portuguese egg tart. Cheers!

Golden Egg Tart Bakery
Gandaria City Lt.2
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzani No.8
Kebayoran Lama

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