Gado-Gado Bonbin

6:11 PM

Gado-Gado BonBin... Yes! mami said that this used to be Grandma's favorite place... Because mami forgot the address, I had to ask Google Maps how to get there. After followed the direction that Google Maps gave to us finally we arrived at Gado-Gado BonBin. 

The building was so old because it has been opened from 1960. But i quite like this place because it remind me of my childhood. Oke back to Gado-Gado BonBin, They just served 9 dishes so i decided to eat lontong cap meh and mami eat gado-gado lontong. 

 Gado-Gado Lontong

This Gado-Gado flushed by cashew nut flavor and tasted so yummy... The vegetable was so fresh and they put "kerupuk" and "emping" on it.. Eventhough i don't like "emping" I think this is the best gado-gado with cashew nut in town.

Lontong Rames (Lontong Cap Go Meh)

The last time i eat lontong cap go meh i think when i was in collage. I ate at Sate Khas Senayan. I think this one is better because they put rendang in it and the rendang spice tasted very good and blended well with the soup. I think they should spread fried shallots on it and this lontong rames will be perfect... 

I do not know exactly how much the food is, but mami and i quite shocked because we spend Rp 55.000,- for gado-gado and lontong rames but it's worth it. Overall, i really happy can tasted Gado-Gado BonBin. Cant wait for next visit, i absolutely will bring R here becase we are gado-gado lover.

Gado-Gado BonBin
Jln. Cikini IV No.5
Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta

With Love,


  1. iiiih kayaknya enaaaakkkk.. tapi jauh :(

    1. enak pina!! engga jauh kok... dari GI ngesot dikit :p

    2. aku ndak tau jalan hiks

  2. i think it is the best gado-gado i ever eat! :3


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