Holycow steak

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When i followed holycow on twitter, I had been dreaming to eat at their resto. Last Monday I went to Holycow Senopati. I arrived early 10.45 and they weren't open yet. They open at 11. Their waiters was very impressive very gentle and polite. Holycow is dominated by red and they don't have a lot of sit and we had to shared table with other people. I like the idea we had to shared our table with other people because we can meet a lot of people and learn to respect each other. Ok! back to Holycow, We immediately ordered the meal, because papi were hungry. 

 Wagyu Rib Eye - Rp 105.000,-

While we ordered, they were asking about level of maturity, sauce and our side dish. I just remember 3 from 4 sauce that they have mushroom, barbeque and black pepper. For their side dishs we must choose between spinach or snaps and mashed potato or french fries. I chose well done, mushroom sauce, snaps and mashed potato. How was the taste? The taste was so GOOD! They spread rosemary on the steak and brought spiciness when we were eating it. Psst! The steak won't fight you back when you were chewing them :p

 Wagyu Sirloin - Rp 96.000,-

 Wagyu Tenderloin - Rp 150.000,-

Mami and W had Wagyu Sirloin and Papi had Wagyu Tenderloin and they have same opinion with me about the steak, juicy and  yummy. When we arrived i saw minilovebites booth and i persuaded my mom to tasted their red velvet cupcake. And all my family just in love with their cake. We ended up ordering rainbow cake and humming bird for take away (will review it later).

I tweeted and i got free misu.Yay!


 I can't wait to go to Holycow steak again because there are tons of yummy dishes that i should try. My suggestion come early if you don't want end up in a long waiting list.

Untuk Rating :
Food : 8,5/10
Ambiance : 7,5/10 
Service : 8/10
Spend : 150.000,- /person
Holycow Steak
Jln. Bakti No.15 

Jakarta Pusat

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  1. YUMMY post ^^

    thanks for visiting and following my blog.

    couldn't resist following you back ^^

    Love from your newest Follower



    1. hai, thank you for following me back,
      love your blog emi :)

  2. Steak looks so delicious... 10pm in Seoul right now. To eat or not to eat...

    1. eat! diet always start tomorrow baby :)

  3. Hi! Thank you for following me :)
    I once ever ate there too. very delicious wagyu :)

  4. aduh dr kmrn pengen nyoba ini ga kesampean.. eh ngomong2, do u happen to know andreas winfrey?

    1. hayu cobain.. enak lho :p... hahahahah setelah lihat fotonya di FB iya tau.. anak UMN kalo ga salah anak komunikasi dulu pernah gw aslab-in pelajaran PTM, dosennya pak johan... bener ga ya?? hahaha :p


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