Warung Pasta

2:00 PM

Warung Pasta, I cannot image how many memories i had in that place, 
cozy and nice place to hanging out with my bff.

Last Sunday i went to Warung Pasta. 
My Friend told me that Warung pasta moved from Kemang Raya No.54 to Kemang Raya 88....
When we arrived, Warpas full of visitors

Then, we ordered.....

 Hot tea - Rp 9.000,- 

Fried Mushroom - Rp.13.500,-

Me ordered 
Omega 3 (Small) - Rp.15.000,-

He ordered 
  Snowy Cheese (Small) - Rp. 15.000,-

I very disappointed, tasteless.... I hope, when I visit Warung Pasta again, there is a higher food quality....

Warung Pasta
Jalan Kemang Raya No.88

With Love,


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