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5:22 PM

Last Sunday, 
We went to Gandaria city and we had dinner at a place called Kerri Yakiboy,
Kerri yakiboy located on the 2nd Floor, across paperlunch....
The ambiance really good, interior dominated with white and red color, and they have good service. But the place isn't that big. Because we were hungry, didn't take long time for us to order.
So, we ordered

 Pompom Garlic Butter - Rp 20.000,-

Triple Lovers - Rp 62.000,-

Grilled pork fillet  - Rp 68.000,-

 Overall, pompom really yummy because they put baked garlic the top of it. At first, I was a little scared to eat that garlic. But, he convinced me to eat it and it tasted very GOOD. I highly recommend you all to order Triple Lovers and Grilled pork fillet, They are good.


Kerri Yakiboy
Gandaria City,
2nd Floor, 257
Jln. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Baru

With Love, 


  1. cadas banget peb makan bawang putih masih berbentuk gitu!!

  2. pas gw makan udah gw potong2 pina.. yg makan bulet2 si robby ahahahahah

    1. pompom garlic butter itu sebenernya makanan apa tah? tahu kah? apa bawang putih goreng tepung?

    2. pompom garlic itu... hem pompom itu kentang goreng pina... kalo garlicnya cuma dioseng ajah terus ditaro diatasnya :p

  3. the triple lovers looks so mouth-watering :9


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