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Food fighters really have a unique concept, it's a creative food court. Most of the stall same with Pasar Santa, but in Food Fighter they have better ambiance, they have open area also so we don't get crazy sweat while eating. They have arcade themes all over the place which very cool for me, it's very entertaining and makes people who come here very excited. 

I tried a lot of food because there are 11 stall in food fighter and every food stall is unique so you cannot find the same menu in every stall. Sound like fair game to me. I was super excited that day, taking picture all food fighters space and food stall. 

Moving on to the Food. 
Black Burger from Black Jack - Rp 45.000,- 
The black color came from charcoal. Love the color, the black bun pop up the vegetables color and it makes this burger very tempting. Black jack also offer different kind of food with black color. Fyi no MSG and preservative in the food. I asked them to cut the burger into 4 pieces and they provide a hand gloves so it keep your hand clean while you eat this tasty burger.

Mushroom burger from Judas - Rp 30.000,- 
This is one of my favorite. Since I'm big fan of Mushroom, I'm very happy to have this burger, because Mushroom burger rarely found in Jakarta. Burger was very nice, they change the patty with juicy Portobello Mushroom combined with feta cheese, melted cheese and sunny side up egg. The side dish was a salad, really big fan of this one, fresh and crunchy. 

Mie karet ayam jamur from Miechino Rp 25.000,- 
Who don't love noodle? The stall is very catchy because it's in the front. when you walk in you will see the stall. The chewy noodle was amazing, the chicken was mouthwatering and the mushroom was amazing. I love the combination. 

Sate ayam from Sate Bumbu Oma - Rp 33.000,- 
This satay originally from NTT and available in chicken and lamb. The seasoning is very unique, because it's from caramelize sugar and mixed with herbs and spices. It's sweet and spicy. I love it and it will be amazing if you eat it with hot rice. 

Original Waffle with Matcha Ice cream and M&M from Zucker Waffle - Rp 35.000,- 
The waffle it self was very good, crunchy outside and very soft in the inside, The sweetness of the waffle is in perfect level and the matcha ice cream was amazing. 

Cold Brew Latte from Kopi Pasar - Rp 27.000,- 
Kopi pasar is collaboration between Bear&Co and ABCD Coffee. The coffee itself was good and so fresh. This is the type of coffee that can boost your mood when you have unhappy day.


Smoke Gori from Beverages Food Fighters - Rp 35.000,- 
I know! Save the best for the last right? This smoky gori is the best way to finish our lunch that day. This type of drink that very unique and catchy. Colorful layered drinks and the smoke that come from the bottom of the glass was make people curious about what is it. There are 3 colors blue, green and red. Blue for curaco syrup, Red for strawberry and Green for melon. 

I had wonderful time, eat wonderful food. It's a place that you can go with your friends, chit chat and having fun. Food fighters definitely a unique food court. You cannot find this kind of food in other food court (besides pasar santa). And this Smoky Gori, Yes! It's a must try in Food Fighters.... I will come back and bring my friends to try the other unique food. 

Food Fighters
Melawai IV No.7

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00

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