Lunch at Roba Yakitori Grand Indonesia

11:31 AM

I broke my diet when i ate this yakitori. So sad, but I think you all agree with me that diet always start tomorrow #pembenarandiri. This was a late lunch because Le bithces gang agree to meet up in Grand Indonesia. I came early and decide to wait at Roba Yakitori. They have around 30 types of yakitori. There are chicken, beef, seafood and vegetable. The place is not too big so I decided to sat in the outside section and I do not recommend you to eat outside because you facing the dancing fountain, and when it start they will turn off the light around 15 minutes. 

Tamago - Rp 9.000,- 
The texture was good but, i quite disappointed with the taste, the tamago itself should be sweet and savory. The taste was all over the place maybe this one wasn't season very well. 

Beef Asparagus Teriyaki - Rp 23.000,- 
I have to much love for Asparagus. The beef that wrapped the asparagus was very tender and tasty, perfect combination for me. But the downside of this dish, they put spring onion between the asparagus and it was very hard for me to chew the spring onion. Besides it the taste was delicious! 

Chicken Skin Shio - Rp 12.000,- 
It's very crunchy and not oily at all #dietdestroyer.

Shitake Teriyaki - Rp 19.000,- 
Super love it. The mushroom wasn't smelly at all. Mushroom will be smelly when it under-cooked. Season very well. 1 skewer is not enough for me #iwantmore.

Pumpkin Garlic Cream - Rp 12.000,- 
This one is my favorite of all. They boiled the pumpkin and put garlic cream on it. The pumpkin really sweet, tender and smooth. The garlic cream was so fresh and savory when you eat it together with the pumpkin, you will get the garlic punch that were very good and yummy for me since I'm a garlic lover.

After this nice yakitori finally my le bitches came and they were starving and I had a voucher for buy 1 get 1 pasta, we decided to order Creamy Spaghetti with Chicken Breast Katsu and Creamy Mushroom  Spaghetti with Shitake Katsu. Both price is Rp 49.000,- for me both of they was great. The cream wasn't too thick so we were very joyful when we ate it. The spaghetti itself was al date and Breast kastu and Shitake katsu was very crunchy. We all very happy with this 2 creamy pasta.

For Rating:
Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Service: 8/10


Roba Yakitori,
Grand Indonesia Mall, 
Lantai 5, 
Sky Bridge, 
Jl. MH Thamrin, 

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