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After months of saving money, finally last Saturday I came to Namaaz.Yay! Namaaz is the first molecular gastronomy restaurant in Indonesia. They serve Indonesian food. There are 17 course creations, which changes every “season” and each season lasts for 6 – 8 months. Lucky me this is season 6 which is collection for customer's favorite dish from season 1 - 5. There have 28 (twenty eight) seats every night, their space is quite limited. The chef will come to us give us the instruction how we eat the food and we need to guess what it is, because in Namaaz, "What you see is not what you get!" Haha! 

So this is the 17 course
The appearance in this dish like raw meat and raw egg. We ate the raw meat first and took a shot of the raw egg. Magically, the raw meat was a slice of watermelon and the raw egg was a passion fruit, the egg yolk imitation exploded in my mouth and i was very good. Nice appetizer! 
Okay, this one was very unique. They gave you a pencil, a book with paper on it and Hand Crank Wooden Pencil Sharpener. We put the pencil on the paper put the spices, rolled it and dipped it into the green sauce. When I ate it together it was "Opor Ayam". The paper was really thin and sticky and it was very hard for me to roll it. 

Pardon R cute fingers.
I love this one! I put this picture in my Instagram earlier. This is dabu-dabu, we ate it all at once and when i start to chewed the dabu-dabu flavor start to pop up and the taste was super delicious.

The appearance like a royal pudding in the bakery. But it turned out to be "Pempek Kapal Selam" this was my second less favorite because the white part was too soft and i can barely tasted the pempek brown sauce. 
They put donuts into a clay teapot full of hot water. We wait for a while until all the donuts mix perfectly with the water. They gave us a clay cup and a tea bag, when they poured the water into the cup, i saw that the water turned into a broth and the tea bag melted. Inside of the the tea bag is a chunk of rawon beef. Turned out it was a "Rawon" in a cup. 
Or we can called it "Balap Keong" inside the shell there was a squid paste. There were a rice noodle connecting the shell and the black spoon. They put chili on it and we to put the squid paste in the black spoon. The black spoon itself made from crackers. Remember, we must eat it in one bite.

The philosophy for this dish is our famous proverb "Ada udang di balik batu". For the stone it self, it was a baby potato. The shrimp taste like shrimp #funny and they also put chili shrimp paste on it. The shrimp wasn't seasoning at all. There were orange stone under it, it was a Himalayan stone block. We cut the shrimp and rubbed it into the stone. The taste was amazing after you rubbed it and ate with the chili shrimp paste.
This was my less favorite because it was a rujak and i do not like rujak at all. I'm sorry i didn't finish the dish. The look for this dish was amazing and they poured liquid nitrogen to make it cold.

Smoking sensation without cigarette. The cigarette made from marshmallow and popcorn. This also like "Permen Rokok" in our childhood memory. They dipped it into liquid nitrogen so when we ate it the smoke will came out from our mouth. The ashtray made from black sesame seed and shrimp paste. Magically the combination between marshmallow, popcorn and shrimp paste was pretty good.
All back like a burnt stuff. The smell also like burning charcoal. There were black cassava, black lamb and burnt eatable paper. For me the lamb still smelly and i hate smelly lamb. I cannot finished the lamb and i gave it to R.

Looks like chicken but taste like fish. They replace the chicken meat with fish and coated the fish with chicken skin. This dish very aromatic and Indonesian.
This one literary beef rendang. The beef was very tender and smooth, not hard to chewed. The spice was really good we need to mixed the red spice and the coconut milk to get the rendang flavor. I still choose the regular rendang though.
This bowl is a "Es Campur" yay! There were a big transparent ball that consist of jelly and pomegranate seeds. They served it with coconut sorbet, we need to popped out the ball and eat it with the coconut ice cream, it was very good.
I saw this dish from other blog fella, and this one was very cute. The shape like a soap and they were a soap foam beside it. Turn out it tasted like "dodol" mixed with caramel and white chocolate.
Don't get me wrong, they truly called this one "tete", It was a half baked "kue cubit" with green tea flavor and it was damn good. They made this dish in front of the guest and oh my God... It was so amazing!! very moist, perfect level of sweetness. I'm obsess with this one.

1 cup 2 different temperature. So, when we drunk this one, the right side in our mouth is warm and the other side is cold. Excited overload!
Be careful this one will explode! I don't want to share this one with you guys because it was a very fun experience for me personally. I want you to get the same excitement and experience, this one will amaze you. This is only before and after picture.

For me personally this is very fun experience, Will i come to namaaz again? maybe! but not in the short time because this one will cost you a lot. Thank you Chef Adrian and team for fun fine dining experience.

For Rating:
Food: 9.5/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 10/10


Namaaz Dining,
Jalan Gunawarman No. 42,
Kebayoran Baru, 
Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta 

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