Zenbu: House of Mozaru

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Back to August, me and my dear friends went to Plaza Indonesia. It's been a long time we're not going out together and we decided to eat at Zenbu. Since there are 6 of us, took a lot of time to decided what we gonna eat. 

I think they have nice interior, big space and dominated by wood but they don't have a lot of waiters. So, so hard to us to called them. If we want their attention, we must increase our voice lil bit shout i think. Enough with interior and service, after about 15 minutes, we had our food. 


Dynamite scallop

Gindara Mozaru

 Mushroom Mozaru

This is mine, since I'm the biggest fan of mushroom. I ordered mushroom mozaru.  Lil' disappointed with my dish, i could not taste the mushroom but i love their cheese and dynamite sauce. The cheese was melted in my mouth, so tasty. I think Zenbu should put other kind of mushroom to Mushroom Mozaru. So,we can feel the burst of flavor from a variety of mushroom. 

Chicken Mozaru

Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Katsu Don

Cheese Tofu

This is my favorite! there are mushroom, tofu, melted cheese and tobiko, if you put it together in one bites you can feel they melted in your mouth... Yummy! I recommend this dish if you go to Zenbu.

Zenbu style of menu is known as Yoshoku. This style creatively designed to blend eastern and western flavors to produce an exciting, broad repertoire of modern Japanese cuisine. Experience some of the wonderful taste of modern Japanese cuisine.

I just review meal that i ate and i think i really pleased about their food. Definitely come back to Zenbu and try another mozaru.

For Rating :
Food : 7,5/10
Ambiance : 8/10 
Service : 6,5/10
Spend : 90.000,- /person
Zenbu House Of Mozaru

Plaza Indonesia Extension, 
Lt 5, Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, 
Phone: (021) 29923648

Website :  http://www.zenbu.co.id

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