Kampung Baso: Warung Jamur

9:36 PM

This Eid holidays my big family decided to spend our holiday in Bandung. We stayed at Dago Pakar Resort and spend our holiday with culinary and shopping. Back to the title, Me and my family went to Kampung Baso because Rumah mode and rumah sosis were already full. First stall who caught my eyes is  Warung Jamur. I went to that stall right away, since I'm the biggest fan of mushroom. They have 2 kind of dish. First is Fried Mushroom and mushroom satay. I waited for +/- 5 minutes because they must fried the mushroom first...


Fried mushroom and mushroom satay were good, but i think they should put sweet soy sauce rather than peanut sauce on the top of mushroom satay.  In conclusion, I LOVE WARUNG JAMUR! If jakarta has this stall i will come every single day because i love mushroom very much. You guys should try this one. 

For Rating :
Food : 8/10
Ambiance : 7/10 
Service : 7,5/10
Spend : 10.000,- /person
Kampung Baso - Bandung
Jl. Setiabudi No. 316
With Love,
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  1. Mmmm~ I love fried mushrooms! They are really good!! Alamat jamur gorengnya di kampung baso jg bukan? (: Tx utk info-nya.

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