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First time i ate Sapporo Petit, it was 10 months ago when I went to Singapore with my family. Basically my mom told me to buy it. She was interested because there are so many people queue for this tiny doughnut. I wasn't interested at that time but when I tasted it, I really like it, moist and not to sweet. Then, I promised to my self if i come back to Singapore i will buy Sapporo petit again. So, when i came to Takashimaya last Saturday, I went to Sapporo Petit. The queue wasn't long and i really glad about it . I brought 8 tiny doughnut and it cost $ 4.80. 

And this is my petit doughnut...


 8 petit doughnut - $ 4.80

 I brought 3 flavors...


Cream Cheese


My favorite feeling is custard and cream cheese. Their feeling was light, smooth and not to sweet. I really like it. But i think the price is quite expensive for this tiny doughnut. In conclusion it really worth to try if you all come to Takashimaya. Cheers... 

And here is the list of price : 
8 pieces - $ 4.80
10 pieces - $ 5.80
15 pieces - $ 8.40
20 pieces - $ 10.80
30 pieces - $ 15.00

For Rating :
Food : 8/10
Ambiance : 7,5/10 
Service : Self - Service
Spend : 3,5 SGD- /person
Sweet and Snack Sapporo Petit 
B2 Food Hall
319A Orchard Road 
Phone : +6567381111 
With Love,
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