S11 - Near Ang Mo Kio Hub

9:51 PM

Today, I went to ang mo kio hub to buy things for my room. My belly was begging for lunch because it's already 2 AM. So i went to s11. Since i really curious about laksa in Singapore i decided to order it. Only waited for 3 minutes... 


Laksa - 3.5 SGD

What do i think about this dish? The coconut milk was very thick, when i ate this i really surprise because
it was not as I expected, but it was very tasty and spicy. The Noodle was chewy and nice. It was a nice dish until i tasted the shells. It was very fishy... Oh God! i can't stand the shells so i just ate the noodle, tofu and the fried dumplings. 

In conclusion I will be search, try and review the other laksa and there are many hawker in Singapore and I will let you all know about my culinary adventure in Singapore. 

For Rating :
Food : 5,5/10
Ambiance : 7,5/10 
Service : Self - Service
Spend : 3,5 SGD- /person
S11 - Ang Mo Kio Hub

With Love,
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  1. Kalo laksa singapur namanya jadi laksa aja ga peb?

    1. He? maksud lw pin?? engga ngerti eike.. Heeh namanya laksa aja..

    2. hoo namanya laksa doang..
      kl di jakarta kan namanya laksa singapur, gw jadi penasaran kl di singapurnya sendiri dia nyebutnya laksa doang apa laksa singapur juga hehe


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