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I always craving for sushi tei... So far, I think Sushi tei is a best sushi in town.... Do you agree with me guys?? When i went to Gandaria City, i ate sushi tei but, i forgot to bring my pocket camera and since R and i were really hungry, i forgot take to take a pic. 4 days later Rianka,Vina and i had a lunch at sushi tei. That time i didn't forget to bring my pocket camera. We ordered a lot of dishes and had a lot of fun, I'm was so full and i feel so bless have you guys by my side(Rianka,Vina,Egi,Eva,Shinta)... Cihuy!


Chuka idako

 Salmon maki


Kani sushi and ika sushi 

 Tamago maki

 Tuna Salad Crispy Mentai

Kani Mentai

Soft Shell Crab Maki

Overall, I will always love sushi tei, they have really great ambiance, good service, and serve good food. Happy belly happy life :)

For Rating :
Food : 8,5/10
Ambiance : 8,5/10 
Service : 8/10
Spend : 80.000,- /person
Sushi Tei (@Sushi_Tei_Indo)
Supermal Karawaci
 Level UG # 3C
105 Bulevar Diponegoro # 00-00
Lippo Karawaci 1200
Tangerang 15811 Indonesia

Telephone +62 21 54211538
Facsimile +62 21 54211538 

With Love,
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  1. the best is an exaggeration but definitely one of my fave. I know how Indonesian of me to like Sushi Tei but it's the fact. The affordable good quality sushi in a nice place always addictive :)

    1. i mean the best for me :p ahahahaha and i totally agree with you, the price is very affordable.. Which restaurants you think serves the best sushi in town??

  2. Never eat Chuka Ikado before. How's the taste??

    1. taste was good... Kenyel tapi garing dan manis rasanya... enak mel.. kalo ke sushi tei gw selalu makan itu ga pernah kelewatan...

  3. this looks super yum!
    in uk we have this chain called yo sushi and it looks like something they do
    but it probably wont taste as good as yours!

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

    1. Thank u...
      follow you on bloglovin (CHECK!)

      if you come to ASEAN, you should try sushi tei, they have many stall here :)


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