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Last Saturday night, mommy said she wanted to buy a shoes. So, we went to Gandaria City and joined the Saturday night traffic. After long hour drove and last Saturday night was raining, we decided to try Shaburi. We need something warm to get rid of our gloomy feeling. This is the second time I ate in Shaburi. First impression was impressive, the queue still long, I remembered we were number 6 in the waiting list. Half and hour after we got the table. Yay!! Time to eat

We all ordered Beef Shabu - Shabu 158.000++,- 
There are 5 types of soup 
1. Original Konbu soup 
2. Hot Miso Soup 
3. Chicken Collagen 
4. Sukiyaki 
5. Soy Miso Soup

For the soup Mommy tried Hot Miso Soup. Dad, Me and My brother tried Original Konbu soup. 

There are fat in the beef, for older people like my dad and mommy, They avoid to consume this kind of beef (High Cholesterol Alert!!). The beef it self was lil bit chewy for me but still it was delicious. I was disappoint with the soup because It was flat. 3 of us need to put soy sauce and other sauce to make it more savory. There are a lot of choices for fresh vegetable and fish cake. They also have fresh squid and fish. I love their mushroom selection. They have sushi, chicken karage, french fries, fruits, variety of beverage and do not forget their creamy ice cream. 

I love the sauce in the middle, It is Takusei Goma Tare, it was very creamy and sweet. I dipped all my meal to that sauce. Left side is sweet sauce but when i tried that the only flavor that i can tasted was ginger. Sorry, but i hate ginger, people who big fan of ginger will love this sauce. The right side is Ponzu, this should be savory sauce but i didn't fit my tongue very well. Sorry cutie Ponzu! 

Shaburi ice cream was the star for me, it was sweet and creamy. The texture was perfect. I remembered when i went to Japan, I had this kind of ice cream, the texture was very smooth and light. There were 2 choices chocolate and vanila, but i heard in Pasific Place outlet they have Green tea flavor. I always love Shaburi, even though their price quite high compare to others but it's very worth it. I definitely come back to this lovely shabu-shabu restuarant. 

For Rating:
Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 8/10

Gandaria City,
Lantai Upper Ground,
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda,

Website: Shaburi

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  1. yg di puri juga green tea sama vanila peb.. hehe enak~~
    itu udon carbonaranya juga enak banget nyawwww mau lagi!

    1. Iya pina udon carbonya enak... gw mau donk cobain yang green tea ehehehehe

  2. Aku tunggu di kelapa gading aja. Katanya mau buka akhir tahun apa awal tahun hehehe

    1. Hehehe jadi deket ya kalo di kelapa gading, yg penting kamu sabar sama antriannya, soalnya aku dateng bukan jam makan aja masi suka waiting list :)


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