Humming Bird Eatery

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As we know already Humming bird eatery is a restaurant in Bandung that open their branch in Jakarta few years ago. I remember, I was very excited to come to Humming Bird because when they opened their branch in Jakarta and red velvet trend was growing up back then. Their restaurant design also very unique in Jakarta because we can eat in the big birdcage. First time came here i was very upset with their service, took long time to us to get the food. I remember i sent back my chicken to the kitchen because the chicken wasn't cook perfectly. Last week when I came, the service was good, they were very nice and handy. 

So for last week lunch we ordered... 
Mushroom Stroganoff - Rp 55.000,-
I was amaze with this pasta. At first I wasn't expect anything because this only fettuccine and mushroom with cream sauce. But there are cheese in it, it balanced the sweetness from the cream, normally i will give half my creamy pasta to R because it made me fell queasy and full. But this one very exceptional, I finished it up. The portion was perfect but the pasta was lil over cooked for me.


Honey Coated Beef Ribs - Rp 85.000,-
This was R, He said it was good. But for me and him the sauce wasn't marinated perfectly and the beef it self was lil dried. It was an okay dish for us The part that I love so much about this Honey coated beef ribs was the sambal. The sambal was sweet and spicy.

I ordered Lychee juice also, it was good not to sour and very fresh. Maybe we all in Jakarta feel the same way, in the last couple of months the sun was very angry, it's very hot and extreme, my skin is drying out, for me this is a good refreshment for our hot day.  

For Rating:
Food: 7.8/10
Ambiance: 8/10 
Service: 8/10

Humming Bird Eatery 
Upper Ground,
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio,

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