One day in AEON: Kanbe Ramen

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AEON has been really famous lately, in my opinion this mall is a bomb because they sell a lot of Japanese product and food. The first time i came here it was super crowded, there were no seat available for me and my family to eat and people was literary everywhere, it was very hard for us to walked around. 

Finally, I came back to this mall yesterday with my girls. For our lunch we tried Kanbe Ramen in Ramen Village. I thought this ramen village is a food court, turn out this is an area there are 7 ramen stall in 1 place. The offer is very unique for every ramen stall, for Kanbe Ramen they offer buy 2 pay 1 for every ramen. We decided to try Kanbe Ramen. Haha. 

4 of us ordered the same ramen, Wanton Ramen. The situation was so funny when we decided to order the same menu. 3 of my friends chose Chicken Wanton Ramen and I chose the Pork Wanton Ramen. Of course i picked the pork one, I can't say no to them! Haha. 


This is the Food.

Chicken Wanton Ramen - Rp 57.000,- 

Pork Wanton Ramen - Rp 57.000,-

Both of ramen was good. The broth wasn't thick because it from chicken and miso. Pork was tender and tasty, but i need to put a lot of chili powder and chili oil to get the strong flavor. Chicken also okay, based on my friends. They have really nice service, a lot of smile and very friendly. But i don't know, the place was really hot, maybe because in that that it was hot also, or the AirCon wasn't working at that time. 

Kanbe Ramen is a good ramen but it is not a type of ramen that i like. I like strong and thick broth. Me and my friends also agree that the best ramen for us is the one and only Ippudo

For Rating:
Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10 
Service: 8/10

Kanbe Ramen  

Ramen Village
AEON Mall 3rd Floor,
Jl. BSD Raya Utama,
Serpong, Tangerang

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  1. Aeon masih rame ya?? hehhe pernah ke sana sekali abis itu belum balik2 lg ke sana, ehhehe

    1. Hallo Tikka, udah engga serame dulu, aku juga pernah kesana sekali cm bertahan 30 menit lgsg keluar lagi saking sumpeknya. kalo skrg ramainya sudah wajar seperti mall yg lain... Hehe


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