Nona Manis

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This restaurant name remind me with my childhood song "Nona Manis Siapa yang Punya". Well this name very catchy and  stick into my brain and i cannot stop to sang this song in my mind while i was there. 

So, Nona Manis serve traditional Indonesian food but they also have western cuisine in their menu such as salad, pasta, and sandwich. I adore their menu! So edgy and clean. 

Their interior was amazing, We can see Indonesian traditional crown in the portrait. I think in some of province in Indonesia call it "Sunting". 

This is the Food that we ordered


Nasi Rawon - Rp 55.000,- 
Rice, meat, salted duck egg, local basil, bean sprouts, and shrimp crackers. The meat broth was too strong. When we try Rawon we want to taste the "Kluwek" itself (Pangium edule), thick black gravy which i really like. I was quite disappointed because the broth overpower it. But they really generous, they gave us a lot of beef and it was really tender.

Nasi Bandot - Rp 56.500,-
Rice, noodle, pindang egg, yellow pickle, potato chili and sweet marinated lamb. Taste was good, the sour from the pickle balance the dish because most of the component is sweet. Noodle itself was cold, but it was okay, pindang egg lil bit hard to chewed for me. The sweet marinated lamb it was good but there was a flash of "prengus" (Lamb armpit smell! :D). 

Tumis Jagung - Rp 27.500,- 
Pan fried sweet corn, red chili, garlic and scallions. This one was super yum! i love it. The corn was crunchy and sweet. The seasoning was perfect it can balance the sweetness from the corn. This was my favorite dish on the table. The plate was cute though, looks like raw corn. 

Es Cendol - Rp 32.500,-
Indonesia traditional drink consist of jelly made from tapioca, pink pearl, coconut milk, palm sugar and jack fruit. This one was good, but too sweet for me. I love the pink pearl. The Jelly noodles made from rice flour with green food coloring which usually derived from the pandan leaf. It's very difficult to make the green jelly noodle because my aunt used to make es cendol every week.

Watermelon juice - Rp 28.500,- 
This one was too sweet for me. But the juice was very fresh. 

Overall, If you are an Indonesian food lovers, you need to come and try Nona Manis. They have a lot of authentic Indonesian cuisine that i want to try. And i will be back for they're sup sumsum. 

For Rating:
Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10 
Service: 8/10

Nona Manis 
Kemang Village (Lippo Mall),
The Avenue of Stars, Lantai Upper Ground,
Jl. Pangeran Antasari, Kemang,

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