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Have you a fan of Vietnamese food? I mean Pho. Why i ask this question? Because now I'm a big fan. First time I ate pho, it was at Pho24. Broth was bland and I need to put extra of everything to made the broth savory. But last week I ate Nam Nam because R came to Plaza Indonesia and He was very curios about this restaurant. I wasn't very exciting because i had a lot of doubt to try pho again. But R very excited and i thought i can handle one bad pho. #Haha. So Take a look! 

Crispy squid, fresh herbs, green chilies - Rp 38.000,-
Thus squid was Soo Good! Crispy outside and it was very tender inside. The green chilies for the dip is a perfect combination. Sweet savory and crunchiness from the squid was a good balance. But the downside of the dish was the chili power, it was very spicy and dry in my throat. 

Fried catfish with turmeric - Rp 45.000,-
First time ate Banh mi, it was great and very fresh. Bread was light and have a great texture. Catfish was crispy with many vegetable inside the texture of this banh mi was interesting. With many goodness inside Banh mi sadly i cannot tasted any turmeric. I think this banh mi very suitable for your quick lunch. 

Pho beef steak slices - Rp 60.000,-

And this one was the star at that night. i thought this one will be another bad pho for me. But turns out, this pho was amazing! The broth was rich and light because the medium rare beef juices mixed with the broth, strong flavor and herbs. The rice noodle was have perfect level of chewiness. I love this pho and R also try to finish this pho without my permission. #Haha  

Pho beef steak slices - Rp 60.000,-
served medium rare

Overall, the taste was great, will i come to NamNam again? Absolutely Yes! Because it's very close to my office and I want to try another dish and since it very near to my office. Hopefully when the time i come back the taste still the same. 

For Rating:
Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 8/10


Level Basement, unit 16-19
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350

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